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  • Les Fujitani

Get to Know Your Recruiter: How to Protect Your Resume and Your Job Search

In the competitive world of job hunting, your partnership with a recruiter can make or break your career trajectory. It's crucial to understand your recruiter's role and expectations, and the best practices for protecting your resume while maximizing your job search opportunities.

Here are some key insights to ensure a harmonious and productive collaboration:

Get To Know Your Recruiter

The first step in establishing a successful recruiter-candidate relationship is

truly getting to know your recruiter. A good recruiter is more than just a middleman; they should be your advocate, understanding your unique desires, goals, and aspirations in your legal career.

Protect Your Resume

Obtain Permission Before Resume Submission

Check Your Recruiter's Reviews

Resist Pressure to Apply Unwanted Positions

Keep Track of Resume Submissions

Work with a Few Recruiters

Seek Resume Advice from Your Recruiter

Establish Boundaries and Mutual Confidentiality

Avoid Sharing Lists Between Recruiters

In the ever-evolving legal job market, having a recruiter on your side can be a game-changer. By getting to know your recruiter, establishing boundaries, and safeguarding your resume, you can ensure a more fruitful and confidential job search experience. Your choice of recruiter can significantly impact the trajectory of your legal career, so make it a well-informed and strategic one.

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