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Recruiting is, foremost, about people.  Brittney Ortiz is about people.  With a general science degree – Phi Beta Kappa, no less – she worked as a registered dental assistant for 13 years focusing on children with special needs and is always seeking out ways to help people.

After launching her recruiting career just six months ago, Brittney is already experiencing great success.  Now Fujitani’s Legal Recruiter, she is working alongside Geri and Director of Recruiting Christopher Johnson to further expand their client base in Los Angeles, the Bay Area and Sacramento.

Brittney’s Hawaiian roots bring a calm energy to the group and grounds the business.  She is thrilled in her rewarding role and savoring every

Brittney Ortiz

opportunity with Geri and Christopher as her mentors.  Their ethical approach to business is inspiring, so much so that Brittney has her sights on how she can carry on Fujitani’s legacy in the future.

She is extremely driven and a natural nurturer, but had no idea these traits would translate into a passion for recruiting.  But once she heard the emotional reaction of a candidate with a new position and shared how the opportunity was going to change her life, Brittney was hooked.

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