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At its core, recruiting revolves around people, and Brittney Johnson embodies a genuine passion for connecting with individuals.  With a general science degree – Phi Theta Kappa, no less – and 13 years of experience as a registered dental assistant, her specialization in caring for children with special needs showcases her dedication to helping others.

Brittney launched her career as a legal recruiter with Fujitani Consulting and has established relationships with law firms and legal professionals throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. Great success within the legal community has been achieved through her loyalty to seeking out the best opportunities for her candidates.

Brittney's inherent drive and passion for helping others has translated into her

Brittney Ortiz

commitment to creating positive career impacts for her candidates. Her passion for recruiting was solidified through a candidate placement at a major law firm. She became aware of her significant influence, witnessing firsthand the emotional impact it had on the candidate's career trajectory.

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"Brittney is the best in the business! If you’re looking for a position or to hire for a position,

it doesn’t get better. From start to finish, and beyond. Brittney is professional, insightful, responsive, and connected."

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